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Almost... just almost, next best thing since sliced bread, but.. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This addon finally makes using a password manager that isnt Lastpass a viable option, in all these years ive tried fining a way to have KeePass replace Lastpass (since LastPass is cloud based any breach to their security means so are all my logins too and that irks me) and only after finding this addon does it seem possible. So far i see its potential and really want to love it but theres just somethings about it i see need to be added to be a true LastPass replacement, and those are:

-A way to make it work without having KeePass constantly open. Nowhere does KeeFox's documentation say KeePass needs to be open too for the addon to work, and it took me ages to realize thats whats needed to make use of this. If possible if it could work with KeePass not being opened too itd be better.

-A narrow toolbar that only appears when asking you what login details you want to use on a site (for times when you have more that just one account on a site) similar to the one of LastPass, that and the ability to set which one should it fill in by default. Currently the only way to currently do this is to have the toolbar or icon of KeeFox always viewable.

-Ability to detect what databases KeePass currently has. So far (not sure if bug possibly) KeeFox will list old databases that dont exist and theres no way to remove them from the list at all. Not even if you uninstall Keepass and KeeFox.

-Since KeeFox can detect when theres a login field it should have in the context menu an option to generate a secure password from there (but to be only available in Firefox's context menu when a login field is detected and not constantly there)

-On some sites it fills in the username but not the password, however Lastpass can somehow, for example on redtube it will fill out the username but not the password, perhaps it has something to do with sites not allowing a password to autocomplete? (by default Lastpass has a setting that prevents sites from doing that so that it can still fill in the password)

Aside from those issues, this is a top notch addon, seriously i cannot believe this isnt integrated into and part of KeePass as most passwords are used on websites and the current way that KeePass works with browsers makes most people not want to use a password manager in the first place lol.

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Freaking best of the best!!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Firefox's defaults looks are crappy but Chrome's is so simple and amazing, however 99% of Chrome's addons are bookmark links to websites and essentially pointless, nothing compared to Firefox's. Before this addon existed we had to settle for all the crappy horrid themes that tried to look like Chrome but werent even close

Now, thanks to the amazing work of dgko we can finally have the brains of Firefox with the looks of Chrome :D thank you!!! the entire community thanks you for making these amazing themes, although the theme section on Mozilla's addon page is in the thousands the majority are rubbish and look antiquated and suited for Windows95, for years i never thought id see uncluttered/non cartoonish themes on here (with the exception of the old Foxdie themes that arent updated anymore and NASA Night Launch and FTDeepDark) and that lame excuses for themes called "personas" (which are nothing more than background pics) would be the future, thanks to this theme i can use Firefox again without barfing or regretting that im not using Chrome.

I cannot show my gratitude enough to the author to show how much i love this theme :') thank you dgko, you're the best, your themes are the golden standard that every theme author on here has to look up to, keep up the amazing work that you do <3

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (24.1). 

Thunderbird Conversations

Reply pane needs work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Hello! recently i installed your addon after i ditched webmail for thunderbird (i used yahoo, however their latest redesign updates made it just not for me, however i cant just ditch it because its basically tied to my life)

You addon brings so much functionality that ive always dreamed of from other services such as gmail, and so far i like it, but theres two things that really annoy me about, aesthetically mostly i suppose

1) in the part where you reply to the message in threaded mode it shows a heap of things that you'd usually not see in gmail once you click in the reply pane (date of sending and timings and all that mess) it really annoys and makes it very cluttered especially if you're going to give a somewhat lengthily reply) is there a way to make it not show said things and to me simply the way the reply box of gmail is?

2) in the reply pane at the lower part it has a very odd block-y look to it, its very off looking to say the least, is it possible that in the next update its made to look like the one the email client postbox has? heres a screenshot of what i mean while the one your addon has although functional it just doesnt compliment the great functionality and work youve put into your addon :/

I thank you so much for developing this addon, among the thousands of addons thunderbird has, this one is the only one that really matters and gives it functionality that should be part of it by default from the beginning, im really hoping you'd consider these for the next update on your addon since itd make it almost perfect if not completely perfect

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.7).