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The only reason my e-mail address is not hidden is because this site is painfully difficult for me to navigate with respect to keyboard accessibility. The people who design the site obviously can care less about us blind users. If an add-on developer wishes to respond to a review please e-mail me because it is definitely more easy for me as a blind person who is restricted to the keyboard and uses a screen reader. Thank you.

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Accessibility Rated 4 out of 5 stars

UPDATE Thursday 27 February 2014:
To the developer, can you please provide your e-mail address or contact me directly? Forums are a hassle for me and I really dislike them. I have no account on that site and I wish not to make one.

This is my last resort as I am not able to find the developer's e-mail address anywhere which is very annoying.<br abp="317"><br abp="318">I use a screen reader called JAWS For Windows because I can not see a screen or use a mouse. Everything MUST be 100% accessible via the keyboard. This not only means controls but what the control's function is. Proper mark-up is required for everything and this add-on's options panel lacks this. As I press Tab to navigate through the dialogue, there are unlabelled text fields and buttons. This is not acceptable. I am not able to discern this from that and modify accordingly. This panel needs serious work on both tabs.<br abp="319"><br abp="320">Also, there is no OK or Cancel buttons. I am not able to save changes because the buttons are not there. They would normally proceed the two tabs.<br abp="321"><br abp="322">I like this add-on but there needs to be a lot of improvements for which the sighted population has no concern. I hope accessibility improves in the near future.

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A Minor Suggestion Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I recently started to use this and I must admit it is quite useful and supplements the Ctrl+U function well. In recent versions of Firefox web tools were moved to the Tools | Web Developer sub-menu. It would make more sense if the JS menu was moved to that sub-menu because it is a web developer-related extension. I know shortcuts are used for just about everything but if there could be a keyboard shortcut implementation that would set focus on the JS menu that may help those who might wonder where the JS menu is if you do relocate it to my suggested location.

Navigational Sounds

Essential For My Situation Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Ever since I started to use this I absolutely loved it and I still do. I tried to find contact information so I could write to the developer directly but I have to do it here. This is one of the many functions Firefox should have natively. As a blind user who relies on sounds for guidance and confirmation this is essential to say the very least. Please maintain compatibility with the latest Aurora build, that is all I ask.

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Certificate Patrol

Good For Some But Not For The Blind Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This may have potential for the sighted but ever since I installed it a few days ago I have experienced a lot of trouble with it. Firstly, the fields are not labelled so says JAWS For Windows. I press Tab to go forwards and Shift+Tab to go backwards through a dialogue respectively and these read-only fields do not have labels or anything binded to the control. I as a blind person do not know what is what. This basically defeats the entire add-on because I can not discern between information in new and old certificates. Moreover, the entire layout is not designed for the non-sighted to make use of it.

Secondly, the options dialogue can use much improvement. I heard not long ago when Tab is pressed in a dialogue such as that there is a rectangle that puts focus to the control in question. If there exist any captions, tooltips or any additional information not encapsulated in that rectangle I do not notice it. There is a More Info [Alt+I] button and that thing too is not readable for me. I could keep typing for an hour explaining every single detail but my point is for EVERYBODY to have the ability to use this to its full and maximum potential it needs to be redesigned for everybody.

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