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It's lightning, blazing fast! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Lightning to connect to my google calendar for ages. I admitted that there's was no other decent free calendar desktop software that connect to google calendar, so I tried Lightning. I felt Lightning was not so good either at the first time, but I need to use Lightning after all because I have no other choice, as I need the day-week-month-yearly view that only Lightning provided. But as the time passed, I found myself getting attached to Lightning, as it really does what it (and other calendar supposedly) does best: keep my life organized. And even though at first I think the user interface is not very good enough, now I find it pretty amusing. And, as I just owned an Android devices, I noticed that it integrates amazingly with the Google Calendar, so now any events that I wrote into Lightning magically pops up in my phone, exactly like how it was written in Lightning, along with the reminders schedule. It's very convenient. That way, I have the option to prepare the calendar in a comfortable environment (desktop PC with big screen, physical keyboard, and offline access), and access the result in the phone (small screen, but mobile).

The only downside is that Lightning broke with each TB updates, so I have to go to this website each time to update Lightning. And it still outpaced with the TB beta, though. So I have to give up TB beta and rollback to TB release. But that's just a minor detail. I love Lightning, and I appreciate the hard work of the developer to maintain Lightning. And, the "about this add-on" box information in the front page is already outdated though. :)

Oh ya, and I do have some minor suggestion. It will be better if each time the page is scrolled (or I click "next" or "previous"), the page is not gets cleared and reloaded each time. I know you want to resync again with google calendar each time the time frame window is changed, but how about wait for the data from google calendar first, and then redraw after all the data has been received properly? Thanks.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7). 


Block Flash In A Flash Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like to browse Youtube. A lot. And by saying "a lot", I also meant "a lot of simultaneous Youtube page opened in a same time". I tend to immediately open a video that seems interesting to me. But after some number of pages opened, I started to notice how much slower my computer becomes. So when I found this add-on, it's a real saver because not only it allows me to specify *when* to start download the next video, but also in turns let me specify *which* flash app allowed to run. It block flash before the flash app ever loaded at all, and it replaces with a nice placeholder which can be clicked to load the original flash app. That way, not only I manages the use of my limited bandwidth wisely, I also experience the freedom to open as much as Youtube pages I want without the worry that those still-not-yet-viewed pages will drag my computer's speed down.

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A Real "Saver" Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I don't know why I keep using this add-on even though there are hundreds of external download manager out there that can be connected to Firefox through Flashgot. It has some features I still expected, like to set how many download parts in some multiple downloads running simultaneously to a number, not by a manual "one more part" or "one less part". But, yea that's a minor details. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with downthemall's integration with Firefox that sometimes I feel that downthemall's feature is part of the Firefox's capability already. This add on has helped me download many things from the web without much hassle. I like its "filter" feature, a feature that many download manager missed. I like how you can set the target saved filename using tags. And in conjunction with Flashgot, practically almost nothing downthemall can't download. It's a very recommended to download. This add-on really makes other browsers jealous, because currently this add-on only exists exclusively for Firefox. A real saver.

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FlashGot Mass Downloader

Enables Firefox to "Download for Real" Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on has always been in my arsenal ever since I discovered it when using Firefox 1.x. Every time I reinstall Firefox, this, along with a few frequently used add-ons, will always be installed. This add-on enables me, not only to fasten downloading images and files, but also helps me to analyze some link pattern, and then download them all using Flashgot gallery. Oh yea, Flashgot's build gallery. That's also one of my frequently used tools. But this add-on is rocks, not only because of its flashy features, but also how it's developed out from needs. That's why this add-on keeps evolving from a simple add-on, into a full-fledged connection into the "real download manager world outside Firefox" as the need grows.

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