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Certificate Patrol

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works great and I like knowing that I'm getting the same certs over and over and knowing that Mallory isn't trying to serve me a new certificate from a questionable/hacked/compelled Root CA.

However, the only issue I'm having is that many Google sites are using two (or more) certs and keep alternating back and forth. *.gstatic.com and ssl.gstatic.com. We really need a way to remember two or more certs for a site such as this and not have it keep flagging them as problems between clicks.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I prefer to have control of where and how my bookmarks and passwords are backed up. While there is the new Firefox Sync, it requires you to use Mozilla's servers, or your own servers running a ton of software. SyncPlaces app lets you use a simple webserver to drop and pick up the files, with no special extra software required. You could even use a Flash drive to do it, but I've an even better method.

I use SyncPlaces with Dropbox. Here is how I use this securely with Dropbox:
Install SyncPlaces. First thing I do after this is go to the Advanced Tab, then inside of it go to the Encryption tab, then select AES and 256-bit. Next, I go to the Options tab, and inside the Basic tab I select the Encrypt JSON option. I would do this universally no matter where I was going to store the data.

Now, the part that is specific to making it work with Dropbox (or even a Flash drive):
In the SyncPlaces Server tab, in the Connection tab, select the Protocol to be File. Then go to the Synchronization tab and change the JSON path.

I have many Firefox profiles, so I have created a matching SyncPlaces folder for each Firefox profile in my Dropbox folder:

Now, I just add the path to this folder in front of the default /syncplaces.json, so it becomes:

I check the Passwords box on the same page and also add /home/myuser/Dropbox/Firefox/Personal in front of the default /passwords file, to become:

(For Windows users, substitute /home/myuser/Dropbox for C:\Documents and Settings\myuser\My Dropbox or wherever you've set your My Dropbox folder to be)

That's it, SyncPlaces is all set to work with storing my bookmarks and password data in a folder, which happens to be a Dropbox folder, which will automatically sync up to Dropbox and to all my PCs which have Dropbox. Furthermore, since I used 256-bit AES encryption, the files are safe sitting on Dropbox's servers, and even in my Dropbox folder. Once I import the files into Firefox, the passwords will be safe again (so long as I have the Master Password option turned on in Firefox, and I suggest enabling FIPS as well via Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Encryption - Devices - Enable FIPS). The only time your passwords are vulnerable is when in memory after SyncPlaces decrypts them while Firefox imports them, but that's the case whenever Firefox accesses them after you put in your Master Password.

One other tip that I'd suggest is to automate syncing: Options tab, Automation tab:
Sync automatically - Delay 30 seconds (default)
Receive on Startup, Send on shutdown
Synchronize at regular intervals (30 minutes default)

Now each time I start Firefox it will sync, and each time I close, and every 30 minutes as well. So I can add a bookmark on one PC, and in roughly 30 minutes it will be on the other PC without doing anything special. To speed it up I can just do right-click on the SyncPlaces icon in the lower-left corner of Firefox and "Send Bookmarks/Passwords" and on the other side "Receive Bookmarks/Passwords."

No need to trust anyone else's servers, and you can sign up for a 2gb Dropbox account for free and use SyncPlaces.

If you don't have a Dropbox account and want to sign up, if you'd kindly use my link here, it'll give me a free 250mb more space. You too can share your referral link that Dropbox will give you to increase your free 2gb of storage up to 8gb:

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.8).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

(edit messed up my formatting, i'll post another review again with original formatting)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.8).