AddOn with extremely unrelilable Ratings! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

The ratings of WOT are extremely unrelilable. Why?

Example: a user of WOT claims, that a specific netblock of IP addresses is used to send spam and rates all domains, from which he has received spam as unrelialble. But, with his rating it's not verified, if the spam was really sent from the e-mail servers of these domains. Then this false rating is used to rate websites. The rating must be verified, otherwise it's useless.

Why? The domains I talk about have to 100% SPF, DomainKeys and DKIM implemented. The netblock this user mentions, isn't listed in SPF. Nor has the user checked DomainKeys rsp. DKIM - but he was using the "mass rating tool"!.

And finally WOT is proud of millions of users that rate (with very low confidence). But millions of low confidence ratings would not make a high confidence rating at all!

I would suggest, that all businesses that experience reputation decrease from WOT, that they post a written warning to WOT.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20130515.1-signed). 

Our reputations are based on user ratings and they tell you how much people trust websites. If you feel your site has been unfairly rated, please read our FAQ and submit a review request:

Note that someone reporting spam for your domain doesn't necessarily mean the spam was sent from your servers, it can also mean that a spam message is advertising a page hosted on your netblock. Often, this is because the site has been compromised and is used as a landing page by spammers. SPF or DKIM doesn't help with that.

Also, please note that our reputation system is meritocratic, which means that users who have proven themselves to be reliable are valued more. You can read more about how the rating system works here: