Smells like a dead rat Rated 1 out of 5 stars

If you feel you need this plugin you should contact the police instead. If you've given money or information to this person you may regret it.

This guy's website is dodgy.. Everything is incomplete - and he claims to be a "network security expert"? The "law enforcement" page is blank and the only thing he seems to have put time into is the donations button. None of the media references check out either. Looks like the only things people have to say about "Joe the Investigator" are bad:-

One of his other sites "CIBIR LLC. Network Security Experts" is full of nasty spam.
Maybe that's why the supposed photo of him is obscured by a coffee cup?

More of his scams:-
and many more (sigh) NOTE: tld changed from .com to .con so he doesn't get link juice from exposure.