Rated 3 out of 5 stars

If you visit what is presented here as the the processing site, that is TheRealURL.net, you may notice it hard to find (if it is there) this add-on on their homepage, homepage which moreover is closer to an encyclopedia than to an index : some programmers still don't understand that a homepage must be short and attractive, clear and fast to load. In these circumstances why would I even bother with this add-on ?
3 stars as an average of 1 (above mentioned) and 5 (I hate being affirmative of whatever).
Another time, if what I've mentioned has been corrected, maybe then will I spare a few minutes :) Gosh, you have to understand that there are thousands of add-ons here so if you want to make it, commit yourself, that is if you really care.

Indeed, therealurl.net was snatched by some spam site. Thanks for alerting me! I changed the listing to the correct link, http://therealurl.appspot.com

(BTW, most add-on developers don't really "want to make it" - we have our own careers, completely unrelated to these add-ons. I made TheRealURL for my own use and gave to the community hoping others might find it useful too.)