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to solar wind: browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent is enabled (true) in my FF 3.6.16, but this works for links only. When other extensions opens tabs, they opened at the end of the tab queue.

There is an other version, compatible with FF 4.x : https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/tabs-open-relative-modified/

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Firefox 3.6+
You do NOT need this extension. Instead, in about:config, set this option to "true" - browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent.

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I spoke too soon - It turns out that in FF4.0b7, this extension makes closed tabs fail to visually disappear, and continue as phantom tabs, even thought they are actually closed.

So, this is not compatible with FF4.0b7

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Very good!

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Очень удобное и практичное дополнение. Часто открываю помногу вкладок. Теперь благодаря Tabs Open Relative 0.4 все вкладки сгруппированы так, как им положено относительно "первоисточника". Автор молодец, спасибо.

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Can this be ported to SeaMoneky?

Works without add-on in 3.6 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Firefox from version 3.6 opens relative tabs just like this add-on. It should work by default. If not, tybe about:config in the address bar and then double-click on the browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent preference.

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There is a mod in the comments below that works fine in Firefox 3.6+ and its clean, if that doesnt work for you (or you dont trust) you can download Tabberwocky; EXCELENT addon, saved me; no longer have 5 addons, just 1. Replaced T.O.R., hide close, button, tab reziser, bookmarks and history in new tab, show progress bar in each tab, open many links by highlight them (i dont remember some addons name, just posting what they did).

Only ONE addon to reeplace FIVE.

I loved T.O.R. and I thank the developers hard work. Thank You.

R.I.P. ;__;

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Very needed addon. Please update it to be included in latest FF.

T.O.R.n apart Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I don't understand why this so important feature is not updated or included in FFox.
The reasons may be
1) the author of T.O.R. is dead §§§ R.I.P.§§§
2) On his way to his house to update T.O.R. for FFox 3.6, passing by a jewelry, a gang who failed to attack it took him as hostage in their car. The police chased them, he killed the driver, they had an accident and he jumped out of the car, On his way he found a merchandise train who led him to a harbour. He slept in between goods. Goods were lifted into a cargo. He woke up on board. The cargo went to Istanbul. He was discovered by a group of moudjahidins and sent by truck to afganistan. The truck was blown by a russian mortar on the Tadjikistan border but he managed to survived. He was taken to the near by village where farmers adopted him. He asked them if they have a USB key. The farmers think he speaks Usbeck.
Lost in the mountains, surounded by goats, without a computer and a decent connection he is not able to update T.O.R.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't work on 3.5.10.

O LORD T.O.R THE TEAM Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dear brothers and sisters
we are here today to pray. Yes to pray for the firefox team to understand the uselufness of Tabs Open Relatives. Instead of copying Opera add-ons, they shall see that T.O.R. is very uselful and needed by the vast majority of the firefox users.
UPDATE AND MAKE T.O.R a firefox tool.
do it fast Moth%£$µ*% Fu%£$µ*

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I made a version which works with Firefox 3.6:

If you don't trust this source or like to do it yourself, just download the XPI file from mozilla, open the file with an archiver and edit the install.rdf file where it says "max version".

Have fun! :)

BRING BACK T.O.R. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

what are you waiting to update this extension? This is one of the best I know. Why firefox team is not able to see the usefulness of it. usually they are prone to copy others. Do it, other team have this service already included in their browser. BRING BACK MY T.O.R.

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I just wanted to say that firefox 3.6 doesn't replace this add-on! If I open a (empty) new tab in firefox 3.6, it is placed in the right corner. Tabs Open Relative places it right next to the current one. Does anyone know how to achieve this in FF3.6?

Since this no longer works.... Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I did as another reviewer suggested and dl'd Tabberwocky. It does have the function to make the new tab open to the right of the current one. So..I'll be using Tabberwocky now!

Please update! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Want to share how you tweaked 3.6 to work with this extension??

And to the author of this extension....for the love of god...please update this!!

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Neither this add-on nor the modified version works for newer Ffox version. Using Tabberwocky instead, which is great.

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@chaddjohnson and others - This does not need updating for 3.6 as 3.6 has this functionality built in and enabled by default.

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Need this for 3.6. I'm not updating to 3.6 until this is updated! Please, I beg you! Thanks for making a great plugin!