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TMP ist essential for my daily work. For many details, but most importantly for one thing I couldn't find in any other browser than the OLD Firefox with Tab-Mix-plus: multi-line tabs.
It has been a horror beeing forced back to single line tabs by the "great" new firefox quantum. I took all efforts to go back to the previous firefox, where I am now - and I have to confirm every now and then that I really don't want to update. No, Not later, never, because you cancelled my Tab lines. I also went to waterfox, iterating through all the Waterfox versions - only to discover that at the end there was a Tab-Mix-Plus without miltiple Tab lines.

Today I was scared again because of the wrong TMP-Version. But Thanks God I could move back to the previous TMP too.

I cannot believe how such an important tool as a web browser can be destroyed so thoroughly by all verndors at the same time in a few weeks. Last resort: Old Firefox with old Tab Mix PLus