Just what I was looking for! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Works great! To be safe, I made backup copies of all my .mab files first. With three computers and too many email accounts, SyncMab has been a blessing! I am always needing an address that is on the wrong computer. Now, everything is in one place!

A better explanation of what "Import - automatic" does in the Synchronization Type would help. I assume "automatic" adds a new address book instead of adding the addresses to either Personal or Collected addresses. I left the setting on automatic and it added a new address book. I had saved a copy of the original abook.mab and then renamed it. I'm not sure what "automatic" would have done if I hadn't renamed the file.

I would have given SyncMab a 10 rating if the "automatic" setting would have been explained better. Overall I would rate it 9.8. SyncMab is still a very simple add-on to use!

Thank you for the add-on!