SMTP Control Version History

3 versions

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Version 0.6.0 126.7 KiB Works with Thunderbird 2.0 - 38.*

- Correct bug with TB 38.* where SMTP list is not able to display
- Correct bug while sometimes seed to click 2 times on send button

Version 0.5.1 124.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 2.0 - 31.*

- Add & Test support of Thunderbird 5.0.x<br>
- Add support for multiple identities for a single mail account (long time expected feature / bug correction).<br>
- Add discovery of WiFi Access Point and ability to define a location based on the neighboring WiFi AP MAC addresses or WiFi SSID.<br>
- Add WiFi AP or SSID rules when defining a location.<br>
- Start introduction of "auto rules". User will no longer have to describe manually the rules defining a location. SMTP Control will transform the current properties in rules.<br>
- In option dialog, locations are now displayed with a splitted list for rules. One for static rules, one for auto rules. Not same actions are available depending on the rule.<br>
- Define several location algorythms based on matching or "probabilities". An hidden prefs allow the user to choose the algorythm.<br>
- Adding support for Thunderbird 3.1.* (tested TB 3.1)<br>
- Move menu item "Create New Location" from sub-popup menu to main SMTP Control tool menu popup. Hide "Change Location" sub-menu, when no location. <br>
- In option dialog, current information display will not allow anymore actions like exclude IP or relocate. To exclude an IP from the current list, use the location advance settings.<br>
- Add a taskbar label with the current location.<br>
- Add a setting option to enable or not the location name display in the taskbar.<br>
** Code improvment :<br>
- Remove use of setInterval() to be compliant with Mozilla validation and error tool. Replaced by setTimeout(). <br>
- Introduce "prototype" for object classes.<br>
- Migrate objects and classes to JS Module concept. Should improve performance.<br>
- Split the single smtp_control.dtd file in several DTD files. One file per XUL file. This will limit the impact of an syntax error in the DTD file. An error will just impact the corresponding window and not all the add-on or worth TB.<br>
- Add a check of the MAC Address format when adding a static rule.<br>
** Bugs Correction :<br>
- Fixed : When showing advanced location settings, opening a groupbox will automatically closed any already opened groupbox. This will solve the display overflow in the dialog window. <br>
- Fixed : SMTP Control do not detect location with local IP address.<br>
- Fixed : Drop down account menu list for SMTP Filtering was not supporting the use of cursor keys.<br>
- Fixed : SMTP Filtering enable/disable checkbox was not working in some situation (display problems).<br>
- Fixed : Do not add a duplicate rule when swaping a location or when creating a location from the add location wizard.<br>
- Change most of setAttribute("on...") function used to set command actions (like oncommand, onclick, ...) <br>
- Remove use of enablePrivilege(). This doesnot seems to have any effect to WiFi location functions in thunderbird ...<br>

Version 0.4.1 82.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.1.*

** Bugs Correction :
- Fixed : SMTP Control do not detect location with local IP address.