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I like your converter but I'd like to propose you two things:

1. Currency Conversion Issue
If it's Euro sometimes it's "€", "Euro", "EUR" or whatever.
It would be nice if all of them get converted to the new currency because now if Euro gets converted to CHF it results in something like this:
10 CHFo (the o from Euro becuase only EUR gets converted).

2. Third Conversion Mode
In your newest version of the add-on only has two modes of conversion:
- No conversion
- Conversion from currency x to currency y

It would be awesome if there was a third mode like:
- No conversion
- Conversion from currency x to currency y
- Conversion from currency y to currency x

Thx for fixing!

You're right, I wasn't clear enough concerning the "Third Mode" feature (not an issue! :)).
Basically what I mean is (and there was a miscommunication on my side since I don't mean specifically the newest version :)) you can either choose to convert every currency to a specific currency or to disable every conversion.
I had just installed your add-on so I didn't quite know how it worked :).
My Suggestion is, that you can have two "favourite" currencies eg. "CHF" and "EUR" and your add-on could be in mode "No conversion" which is already implemented, "Convert every currency to currency x" also implemented and "Convert every currency to currency y" (the third mode and not implemented yet).
Of course only if it's feasible without too much effort :).

In a nutshell it's just a faster way to switch between conversion from your favourite currency x to your favourite currency y :D.
P.S. That was a pretty quick reply of yours, I like that! ;-)

I just found another tiny issue I'd like to point out if you don't mind :)

So there is this german article. It's titled "Das iPhone 3GS - Jetzt bei o2 198€ sparen" and gets converted to: "Das iPhone 3GS - Jetzt bei o2,653 CHF sparen" - Something's wrong here :D.
(o2 is a German mobile communications network)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for pointing to the euro conversion issue, fixed it in version 1.0.2
About the second issue I really do not understand what it is about? I've not changed anything in conversion modes. There always were only 2 modes. enabled or disabled. It always converted from dollar,pound,euro and rub to any other currency. No other mode...

fixed the issue with "Das iPhone 3GS - Jetzt bei o2 198€ sparen"

About the third mode, need to think about it :)