Fighting but hopeful Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'm definitely not a i'm cluless as to what goes into making an add-on. Having said that, I do applaud the effort with signature swift, but have to agree with some of the negative comments. Please remember Achim, that most (i think..if not all) of us have migrated from MS outlook etc. and really want to stay with TB...but we've got used to the "creature comforts" of using a really flexible editor & signature tool. I had no less than 10 signatures in outlook (for different suppliers with varying accout#'s, as well as clients - some with a grahic). I too am accustomed to have my signature above the quote ..and didn't realize it wasn't possible with signature switch until i read the reviews. (I was/am still fighting to get my formatted signature in - without code stuff when i googled for info and came accross these reviews). I know some of the criticisms may seem ungrateful but its because we all want so badly to see TB really "fly" !

I'm running Thunderbird 3.1.13

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.8). 

Just another encouraging comment. :-)

Hi rboothe,

thanks for your comment.

Well... I'm fully aware that many users out there are migrating from M$ Outlook to Thunderbird.
And in general I'm glad to hear that. ;-)

But I really wonder why people tend to think that it's my "duty" to deliver an add-on that fills the gap to Outlook's feature-list or replicates the missing functionality to match Outlook's workflow.
That was and will never be my intention.
It's not like the extension is called "Outlook-like signatures for TB" or "_THE_ All-In-One Signature-Tool".
And I certainly didn't advertise for that.

I just try to offer a RFC-compliant signature add-on which addresses certain issues.
If it does the job for you... fine. If it doesn't... fine aswell.

Like I said a thousand times before: I never forced anyone to use my add-on... and I never charged a single dime for using it!

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Really. :-) But only if it concerns MY work and helps to improve things.

So please... don't blame me if Outlook had better signature handling and/or my extension doesn't deliver what Thunderbird initially should (in your opinion)!
But if you believe that giving a low(er) rating just because "Signature Switch" can't compete with Outlook in terms of (cite) "creature comforts" (/cite)... well... then go ahead. :o)