Good to Great! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Like: It does what it says it will do.

Dislike: If the message is ok there doesn't seem to be any kind of indication of this. Suggestion: Make the text line turn green and read (Message ok) or somthing like that.

Dislike: In some instances the module seems to take a long time to determine good/bad. Other times it is extremely fast. Almost immediate. Maybe some kind of message like "Checking...## seconds" could be included? Just a thought.

Overall: A very nice module overall. Thank you very much for creating it! :-)

NEW: I felt I had to add more to my review. :-)

Since you are already checking the headers and such, might you not also check one more thing:

Scan the message's body and look for things like Y ??? Spammers use that a lot so the text shows as, say, "" but the actual href line is "". You could then say something like "This looks as if it might be a spammer's message. Link does not match HREF." If you do include this into your app, I would not go beyond the site id as that is what you are really looking to identify. :-)

Hi Editor! I can't change the "Y ???" above to <a href="X">Y</a>. That's why I flagged it. - Markem