Nope! ;-) Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Nope, even in the latest update (v0.3.4) the blue progress bar is still too fast to be "wiping" anything (in my FF9.0). SS's own options dialog does appear now in FF's privacy settings, but, on the other hand, it has disappeared from the "Clear History" dialog, so I can't quickly change the wiping method (which would be a useless action anyway, as there is no wiping). Again only 1 star!

Edit March 5th:
Thanks for the response, Fabio.
Am using SS on a FF Portable version (9.0) from, (WinXP, SP1)
Memory cache device: Max storage size 21504 KiB
Disk cache device: 1048576 KiB
Offline cache device: 512000 KiB
The cache gets emptied after every session, so hardly ever huge amount of data in cache. The disk cache is that big to allow single big files to get cached (as Mozilla only allows caching single files of 1/8 of total cache, see: Cache directory is on a different partition than FF. As mentioned before, SS works on an old FF version (also portable).


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Edit 13 March:
I can guess that problem is related to the fact that cache is on a different partition than FF. Never tested so far.
How did you change the cache location? Did you set 'browser.cache.disk.parent_directory' preference in 'about:config' ?