Nice idea Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the new add-on.

I would expect the option of manually "tag" mails when composing other than tagging mails in sent box? Like tag "Need Reply within __2_ days and pop-up reminding".

Add tag before sending e-mail

If I understood you correctly you want to add a tag before you send the e-mail specifying when the reply for this e-mail is expected. I planned to add a button which adds the tag when the e-mail is sent. It turned out to be more complicated and I didn't implement it in the current version.

If I add a pop-up reminder I would leave it to the user to use it. Some people find pop-ups annoying so I want to add an option where the user can decide how he wants to be reminded. Definitely needs some more thoughts about the best usability.

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback! Let me know about any suggestions or bugs you find.