Review (Update) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

An update to my review for a previous version of ReminderFox
( :
Many issues I mentioned in my previous review as limitations (like Alert Slider not showing ToDo items etc)
were already available so it was my fault that I didn't know how to make the necessary configurations.
There are nevertheless some important issues that must be addressed by the developers
to unleash the full potential of ReminderFox:

1. ToDo's should have a similar to Reminders' "Remind Daily Until Completed" option. Perhaps it should be named as "Remind Daily Until Done".
(Lists must have a similar option too).
2. The "Date Completed" must be customizable in all Reminders,ToDo's and Lists. (currently none of them have this option)
3. It would be usefull to be able to deal (in a read-write fashion) with more than one calendars like Sunbird and Lighting do.
4. Marking a Reminder or a ToDo as "Complete" from within ReminderFox doesn't work well with Lighting and Rainlendar

Apart from the issues mentioned above the add-on is badly needed for all busy firefox users and the developers show
great interest in enhancing it. An active message board which helps ReminderFox's users is present and it is a big plus.

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