Very nice Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is very useful to keep e.g. different gmail or twitter accounts separated.

I have a few minor remarks/suggestions for improvement (I'm using FF 15.0.1 under Gentoo Linux, KDE):
* When asked whether to close the current profile upon switching, the Yes and No buttons have the wrong symbols ("forbidden" for Yes and "check mark" for No).
* When using the button in the menu or status bar, you need to right click, then click "Choose another profile", then select the profile. Perhaps it would be possible to keep this, but add a left-click action where you immediately get the list of profiles to select from.
* When my mouse hovers over the button, a popup appears that says "Current profile name" rather than the actual name of my current profile
* It would be really cool if one could select which aspects of a profile should be different, and which should be shared. E.g., I'd like to use my FF extensions in all profiles, but not my cookies and history. I'm not sure this is possible though, perhaps one could select one default profile (as is already the case - Profile0) and per secondary profile select what should be shared with the default one and what not. Shared items could then perhaps be symlinks to e.g. ../abcdefg.default/bookmarks.html. But I'm not sure how much of a mess that would create...

Thank you very much for this great add-on!

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