Add a whitelist to be perfect? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very nice concept, but it would be nice if I could whitelist tabs that should not close.

Usually, if the weakness strikes and I am goofing off, I will have open 3 - 5 genuine serious work related links (mostly on one domain, i.e., our intranet, but maybe also some suppliers' sites), plus of course all the bad ones (usually, a Wikipedia article I looked up for a serious work-related purpose, followed by a link trail of a dozen others, and a few external links, which lead to ...)

I don't want to show the boss just one page with no work on it if I actually have several real work ones already open. Or worse if he asks me about something on the intranet, at present it seems I have to bring back the whole lot to get back the work-related page I was already on.

So, a whitelist by domain or individual page name would be a great enhancement to an already excellent addon. Thanks!