You seemed so nice, until . . . Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Two of my absolute favorite add-ons for Firefox are "Popup Master" and "Organize Status Bar". Thank you for each of them. I don't want any profile without them.

And I'm a graduate of Michigan, where we call the buckeyes "that school down south". Hence the "until . . ." in the Title.

New Firefox versions have tried to force the developers' view of life on me. But I'm among those who want the information that used to be in my status bar. Call it 'Add-on Bar' if they insist, but permit me to configure it to replace the status bar I've been tweaking since Firefox 0.8

So I'd like to know if you will continue to support these? And if other things have taken priority in your life, how can I take them on?

Thanks for so many good experiences with your work. Loved your notes about what it is to be professional in development rather than amateur. Agree completely.