Not super but the best Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hey there.. Thanks for that nice addon.
At the beginning I have to say that the ideas are very good and the tool looks very clean (typical german :P ;-) ) Also the option to put in borders was very pleasant.
Actually I have loaded it to repair my broken search engines, but that is not possible with this tool.
Now the negative aspects: Half of the time, my changes have not been saved. So I used to manage the search engines step by step, what is surely not intended by the author.
I guess it's not a real programmer error but a problem that emerges between other FF addons or whatever.

All in all I give 4/5 at this moment.
My advices (yeah, easy said) would be: Fix the saving problem and add some update/repair feature. But I think, the last idea would make it necessary to create a kind of database for the author, so stability has major priority ;) Besides I have fixed my search engines manually meanwhile :D

thx for the addon!