still disappointing Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I'm using it under Linux Mint, Thunderbird version 3.1.8, MailClassifier version 2.1.0. So it's pretty much up to date. But it just doesn't seem to remember any of my actions. It sticks somewhere a year ago, that's my impression. It suggests to move mails to folders which I last filled many months ago. The subject line doesn't seem to have any effect (mailing list info e.g.), and so on. That it isn't really stuck I know from a changing behaviour with certain mails (I get newsletters from two online magazines, and sometimes the suggestions are being exchanged). So some "thinking" seems to be going on in the background, but definitely in the wrong direction.
It#s a pity, because the idea is just great! Since it uses quite some resources and slows down thunderbird, I consider disabling it, as it has no real benefit. It's successful only on less than 5% of my mail, and I get around 100 each day.

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