DOES locate bookmark folder!!!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank Godness, i was lucky to find the addon!!
And thank the author, Alex Muntean!!! You did a very good job.
It DOES locate bookmark folder!!!!

Well, i do sign too with others by the words:

- " I looked for, well, way too long ;^) "

- " Should have been included in Firefox as a natural! "
A musthave extension if you use bookmarks!!!

- "Go Parent Folder" and "Show Parent Folder" don't care about FF2 users!! Targeted useful feature is unaccessible in FF2.

- I don't want to be forced to go FF3 just because i can't manage thousands of bookmarks proper way!!!
I almost sure this extension will be FF3 when FF3 comes tested thoroughly and my other extensions will be ready for FF3.

- " Yes I cannot also believe that this isn't built into firefox. Its just common sense to have a locate feature to find where the heck you grouped a particular bookmark.
Great work btw! "