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Can you please revamp Lightning CALDAV implementation to function like Apple iCAL and IOS devices which use a principal collection as the starting point rather than the current implementation that requires a calendar collection as the starting point? It seems most CALDAV services only support the principal collection starting point such as GoDaddy.com, Wild West Domains, DomainsMadeEasy.com, etc., where Lightning CALDAV does not work. These services only support Apple ICAL or IOS devices so I am stuck using Lightning CALDAV with Google calendar which is currently broken due to Google moving to CALDAV version 2.



GoDaddy does not support calendar collection as starting point.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.6). 

Just because our account wizard doesn't allow detecting the calendar collections from the principal URL doesn't mean it won't work at all. What iOS does is do some detection to retrieve the calendar collection from the principal, and I agree this is something we also need to support. I have replied on that blog post to figure out which features are not supported.

Its not particularly hard to do the detection, the problem is that historically Lightning is not organized into accounts that have calendars, but a list of calendars. Changing this requires a fair amount of work and no one has stepped up to do this.

Regarding Google Calendar, please see this blog post on the v2 API: https://blog.mozilla.org/calendar/2013/09/google-is-changing-the-location-url-of-their-caldav-calendars/

Unfortunately there is another problem, this time with Google's server implementation. They have introduced webdav-sync support, but there is a mismatch in the supported draft version. I am in contact with Google to get this resolved. There is also a Lightning side fix that will be part of 2.6.1.