Better but not great Rated 2 out of 5 stars

The ability to show the mini calendar in the 'today' pane is better than the miniday but this release, while it's getting better is still annoying.

For starters you can't change to the calendar view by clicking a day on the mini calendar, but worse still is you can't have the mode buttons anywhere but the 'mode bar' which is a terrible decision. I've ranted and complained about this for a long time but seriously, can ANYONE out there explain why it is either too hard or going to be a bad idea to let the user place the mode buttons where they see fit, like perhaps with all the other buttons, on the tool bar?!

There is sadly the issue of color as well, the lightning extension ignores system colors and assumes you run a bright UI. This however could be a Windows only problem. It creates eye bleeding contrast, unreadable fonts as it hard wires background yet WILL use system font in places, which means white back ground with white-gray fonts as my system colors are basically inverted.

The fact you can not integrate your 'today' pane/bar with the folders section as you used too is also a mark against it. This breaks up my layout unneededly and cuts into the columns viewable for sorting and dealing with email.

The functionality seems about the same as the last few releases with a few extras such as the displaying of the mini/day/calendar/none and the invitation thing, which gladly we the user can turn off. I've seen a few posts that read as if this also annoyed others but they did not realize they can get rid of it's ugly, stupidly placed non-sense.

In the end this calendar works, the core functionality is good, but it's UI design is terrible and very inflexible. Depending on how you work and your screen real estate this might not be a problem. If you hated all the releases after 5, keep on skipping releases because this one has most the core gripes I've had since R5.5

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9).