Lightning QR Code Add-on Version History

7 versions

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Version 1.2.5 36.9 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

  • Fixes to be compatible with Thunderbird-44.0 and later

Version 1.2.4 36.0 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

  • Make using event descriptions for QR code generation optional.
  • Add option to encode the event organizer mail address.
  • Add option to encode alarms/reminders. Unfortunately, the add-on author knows of no bar code scanners which can process these, and enabling this option might cause problems.
  • Add option to encode mail addresses of the attendees. Some barcode scanners can interpret these, but fail to convey them to the importing app.
  • Small performance optimizations.
  • Version 1.2.3 34.1 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

    • Fix tooltip contents getting cut off horizontally. This doesn't touch the height, so the tooltip contents might still get cut off vertically. This is the default behaviour however and not related to the add-on.
    • Fix potential compatibility issue with other add-ons (DOM namespace issue).

    Version 1.2.2 33.8 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

    Version 1.2.2 --------------------------------------------------------
  • Fix copy to clipboard not working on Linux and MacOS.
  • Version 1.2.1 33.8 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

  • Unicode (UTF-8) support. Though only characters needing 1-3 bytes
    have been tested, those requiring 4 byte should theoretically work
    too. A bit more space might get wasted now for non-ASCII / Latin
    characters, but at least all characters should get properly
    encoded. Replacing Outlook bullets etc. is not necessary anymore.

  • Copy QR code image to the clipboard after a configurable timeout
    has occurred. When an image is copied to the clipboard,
    the image border will change its color from transparent to a value
    which can be set in the add-on options. Unfortunately, it currently only
    works on Windows. Linux users might try ImageMagick's screenshot
    tool or similar for the time being. This will be fixed in the next version.
    I did not want the add-on to drop out of the AMO review queue and
    therefore postpone the release.

  • Option to set QR code padding. The QR-Code definition requires a
    certain amount of whitespace around the image, and some scanners
    might have problems recognizing the code if this area is not big

  • Display information about QR code version, text length etc.
    in tooltip. This can be activated/deactivated via inline options.

  • Cleanup SUMMARY and LOCATION fields like we do with DESCRIPTION.

  • Fix a stupid logical error preventing QR code version 40 (maximum
    capacity) from being used. Minor issue, as most mobiles won't be
    able to scan QR code versions > 30 anyway.

  • Fix generated images for QR code versions > 35 (needed for data
    length > 2303) being too small, certainly rendering them
    unrecognizable for most scanners.

  • Improve logging.
  • Version 1.1.0 30.7 kB Works with Thunderbird 8.0 and later

  • Made add-on restartless. This brings along new requirements:
    Thunderbird-8.0 or newer is needed now.

  • The transition to a restartless extension also fixes the load
    order bug, where you had to reinstall the extension or update the
    extension file's modification date to get it working again after a
    lightning update.

  • Implemented inline options. Logging can now easily be enabled or
    disabled via preferences. Usually only needed for debugging

  • Replace some more characters in the event description with
    their ASCII equivalents, like typographic quotes. Some
    phones do not handle these and show weird characters.
    Most times, such characters originate from Outlook events.

  • Replace tabs with 4 spaces in the event description; some
    phones do not translate tabs and show '\t' instead.

  • New 64x64 and 48x48 icons with QR codes encoding the
    Add-on homepage URL.
  • Version 1.0 25.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 5.0 and later

    This version has a known problem with add-on load order: If lightning is updated, then the load order changes and the add-on stops working. Simply reinstalling the QR code add-on will solve this. Expert users might instead update the XPI file's modification date, if this seems easier to do ;-). The bug has been fixed in a newer version, however, that requires Thunderbird-8.0 or newer.