Reply pane needs work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Hello! recently i installed your addon after i ditched webmail for thunderbird (i used yahoo, however their latest redesign updates made it just not for me, however i cant just ditch it because its basically tied to my life)

You addon brings so much functionality that ive always dreamed of from other services such as gmail, and so far i like it, but theres two things that really annoy me about, aesthetically mostly i suppose

1) in the part where you reply to the message in threaded mode it shows a heap of things that you'd usually not see in gmail once you click in the reply pane (date of sending and timings and all that mess) it really annoys and makes it very cluttered especially if you're going to give a somewhat lengthily reply) is there a way to make it not show said things and to me simply the way the reply box of gmail is?

2) in the reply pane at the lower part it has a very odd block-y look to it, its very off looking to say the least, is it possible that in the next update its made to look like the one the email client postbox has? heres a screenshot of what i mean while the one your addon has although functional it just doesnt compliment the great functionality and work youve put into your addon :/

I thank you so much for developing this addon, among the thousands of addons thunderbird has, this one is the only one that really matters and gives it functionality that should be part of it by default from the beginning, im really hoping you'd consider these for the next update on your addon since itd make it almost perfect if not completely perfect

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.7).