Block Flash In A Flash Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like to browse Youtube. A lot. And by saying "a lot", I also meant "a lot of simultaneous Youtube page opened in a same time". I tend to immediately open a video that seems interesting to me. But after some number of pages opened, I started to notice how much slower my computer becomes. So when I found this add-on, it's a real saver because not only it allows me to specify *when* to start download the next video, but also in turns let me specify *which* flash app allowed to run. It block flash before the flash app ever loaded at all, and it replaces with a nice placeholder which can be clicked to load the original flash app. That way, not only I manages the use of my limited bandwidth wisely, I also experience the freedom to open as much as Youtube pages I want without the worry that those still-not-yet-viewed pages will drag my computer's speed down.

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