New version works great Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just installed your new version 1.2.1 for TB 3.1 (from the see all versions page). Works great! I can't tell you how many times I know an email is in there somewhere, but I'm not sure how to search for it, or when I do, I have to sift through a ton of results to find it.

It can be accessed from the main menu or its own toolbar which can be hidden. You can choose to go to the folder the message is in (with the message selected), open the message in a new window, or open it in a new tab.

The only thing this doesn't have is the ability to organize bookmarks in folders like in a browser. Hopefully, I won't have so many concurrent bookmarks that this becomes an issue. It does allow you to rearrange the bookmark list by dragging and dropping.

Overall, a really useful addition to Thunderbird.

Now, the only problem is remembering/deciding to bookmark it in the first place. Nothing you can do about that .

Thanks for the review

Hi Joe,
Glad to hear it´s useful to you, that's the main point in doing software.
Best Regards,