Really must have! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Firefox always has been my favourite browser, but its way of managing downloads frustrated me. The story goes to the times long long ago, when Google Chrome was't even created, and the downloads management in all browsers was not so friendly as it popped in another window or in another tab.
Firefox was at version 2, and this add-on was already created.
I found it by pure chance, and the idea of having a small panel with my downloads in the browser window fascinated me deeply. This is the add-on which I install on every computer with Firefox. This is a pure gem in the pile of pebbles.
Why using it? Well, look at Chrome, there is a panel with downloads, but it doesn't show all the downloads, it can host a small quantity of them, and Download Statusbar in Mozilla can host a lot. It's so easy to click and run your downloaded file, it's easy to delete your downloads, and it can be styled all the way you like. It doesn't clutter your workspace and integrates into the look and feel of Firefox like it was there all the time. Well, that's not so far from the truth.