Rated 4 out of 5 stars

As this add-on is no longer being maintained (hasn't been for ages) and is incompatible with TB3.. a quick note on making it compatible:
Step 1: change em:maxVersion in install.rdf to allow for version 3.
Step 3: edit chrome\copyattachmenttoclipboard.jar::chrome\content\copyattachmenttoclipboard.js and add "attachment.messageUri = gFolderDisplay.selectedMessageUris[0];" above the second destFilePath line to fix the filename saving error that pops up when copying (saving) selected attachments.

After those tweaks: 5/5 - does what it's meant to do.


Hi ZeBoxx, I will put your suggestions into the extension. Haven't updated it for ages as it contains binaries that I didn't write and I am a little concerned I might not get it through the review process. But its time I updated it - what's step 2 ?