something wrong Rated 5 out of 5 stars

i installed this xtension today. it does not seem to be doing anything. for a long time the chrome browser says "mapping chrome URLs" till i get fed up and close chrome browser. i have waited for more than 10 minutes ... sometimes it caused firefox to crash too.

does it have compatibility issues with any other extension ?

edit :: after i reported the problem in google code, it was fixed by gijs within 1 day. great !!! deserves more than five stars !!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.1). 

Re: something wrong

Hi niraxar,\r\n\r\nFirst of all, I\'m sorry it doesn\'t work for you as-is.\r\n\r\nCould you check the steps I posted in the second point at ?\r\n\r\nYou can email me (email\'s on my website, which is the support address for this add-on) or comment on that bug with the errors you\'re seeing. That should help me in determining what\'s wrong.\r\n\r\nThanks a lot, and happy new year! :-)