Good concepts, badly implemented Rated 3 out of 5 stars

There is a great potential in this extension but they are implemented in a bad way:

1) NEVER add new bookmarks to the user's profile, replacing his bookmark structure, even if its for demonstration purposes.

2) Sidebar should be implemented in a compatible way (i.e. bookmark views switcher INSIDE the sidebar, not on the header; or use an individual sidebar for each bookmark view) so extension will co-exist peacefully with other sidebars and sidebar extension like AiO Sidebar.

3) Use a toolbar instead of statusbar, there is not enough space on statusbar for all the functions.

4) No support for favicons? No icons at all in the sidebar trees (meaning bookmarks and categories/groups look the same)

5) Extension's star bookmark concept conflicts with Firefox own star bookmark: green stars and yellow stars, should use another metaphor.

6) Opening a bookmark group makes all existing tabs disappear from tabbar. Using the statusbar for open groups of bookmarks in is conter-intuitive, there's no visual indication of how the group buttons in the statusbar affect the displayed tabs.

7) No integration with Firefox history / Awesome bar / Places library: opening the library will show old user's bookmarks. This is probably caused by using a brand new sqlite database instead of building on top of standard places database.

8) "Bookmark this link" from history not supported, adds bookmark to old database, "Live Bookmarks" added to old database too. New database does not support the "Bookmarks Toolbar" concept (so dragging a bookmark to the toolbar adds it to the old database too).

I gave it a 4 stars rating because all the concepts behing this are great, but they need to be implemented in a much better way.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.8.3).