Loved this add on until they introduced the AdWare into it Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Yes, it's true, they bolted an extremely annoying, cheesy piece of adWare into this add-on, and it was one of my absolute favorites. It watches your browsing and if it sees that you are looking at a PRODUCT then it makes a popup to suggest alternatives (oh, so useful.) It is garbage. I never review with anger like this. What is worse is that the text in the description of the add on claims that it is possible to turn off this "feature." it's not. there is no off switch. OK, so I say goodbye to a decent Extension. Well, I will see if it halts the adware if i Disable the app, and then I can re-enable it if I want screen shots.
Let's be honest: Perhaps this is the only way these guys can make a living with this otherwise excellent app.

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