In An Word - Excellent! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've been using this for a while now and I must say it's brilliant, so good that it should be built in to Firefox by default! Once installed and you get to grips with it, you will use it all the time. It's highly customisable with too many options to mention here. You can put the Sidebar either on the left (default) or on the right, which where I prefer it to be. I also use the Sidebar Switch Toggle option, this allows you to either open or close the Sidebar by clicking on a thin vertical blue bar. Just put your mouse pointer to the far right (or left) of the screen and the blue vertically bar will appear, click on it, and the Sidebar opens up, simple. If you prefer, you can have the Sidebar appear and disappear automatically using the mouse pointer. There are shortcut icons at the top, just click on one to open up an option, such as: Bookmarks, Get Add-ons, Extensions, Appearance, Downloads, it's all there and more. I can't live without it now it's just so handy! It's one of the best Add-ons I've used in years, it's up there with the best, it's that good. I rarely give five stars but this add-on deserves it, well done. One feature I would love to see in future updates, is a 'Notes' option. Click on or highlight some text and add it to a note along with the web address in the Sidebar for future reference. It would be great to be able to save the text to an external text file, and the option to save to folders, and, with plenty of sort options - now that really would be nice!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (