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archie.lukas! You don't agree with my opinion about this theme... I get that! So what!! Since when does a difference of opinion about something as fundamentally inconsequential in the Grand Scheme of the Universe as a Firefox theme warrant a personal attack? What does the state of my facial hair or my social life have to do with anything? What's more, ANYONE who is interested in this theme (or ANY theme, for that matter) at all is a "graphically oriented geek" by definition. A less graphically-oriented guy is called a Linux user; gotta use that terminal-command line interface even with Gnome/Ubuntu. As for me, I am using Ubuntu as I type. The rarest and geekiest of all are the solely command-line dudes who wouldn't be caught dead using a GUI of any kind, and wouldn't be caught dead looking at "skins" or "themes" or other such frippery. Are you even old enough to drink? To vote?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.9). 

Variations on a theme

We themers have so many choices. What you see in Aeon is close to Ken Lynch's original design. I loved it so much that he turned it over to me when he went on to other things. Since then I have expanded the concept to a number of other themes. If you don't like the pattern (it can get a bit intrusive on some systems), do look at HiVis and Aeon Clouds. Or you can play with the brightness and gamma settings on your display. Doing that might even surprise you with improvements to the look of pictures and other graphics on your system. However, I suspect you already know that.

In any case, changing the background is relatively easy. Email me directly and I'll tell you how.