Looks too busy for me! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Clearly a lot of work went into this theme, but on my 1440x900 screen, to my eyes, it was all too much. So many colors and shapes over pinstriped background is "pretty" on its own merits perhaps, but is visually fatiguing to look at and to actually use as an interface for any length of time. Lots of shapes over a similar pinstriped background could work well I think, but with fewer and subtler colors. Maybe even monochrome. Or go the other direction - lots of colors but with little or no variation in shapes. But an interface with lots of shapes, lots of bright color, over a textured background - no matter how carefully crafted - violates good principles of design in my opinion.

MacOS designers tend toward the former - that is, use of subtle background detail, variations of shape and even slick 3-D effects and animation, but subdued, even minimal use of color. This makes for a more integrated and ultimately more usable interface. Leanness, spareness, subtle shaping and elegant, classical simplicity win over complicated, garish and flashy any day.

Maybe on 1600x1050 or greater, on a 22-inch screen or larger, it would look better, but on the other hand, you offer Aeon Big and Aeon Jumbo for those.

On the other hand, what the heck do I know? Clearly, I'm the minority opinion here.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.9).