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"To block an unwanted pop-up window with this extension just add the window's url to Adblock's filter list and any popup window matching that pattern is prevented from being opened. You can also block all pop-ups from specified domain by adding it to addon's blacklist."

Those instructions are not at all clear. Are we adding entire pop-up window addresses to Adblock Plus as a new Adblock Plus filter or are we adding them to your addon's preferences by adding a new site rule or by using the menu entry on Adblock Plus's icon? When adding a new site rule to your addon's preferences, what exactly is the difference between "block all pop-ups" and "Handle pop-up's using Adblock Plus"?

I think some more clearly spelled out instructions would really help, even a short, concise explanation on the add new site rule dialog concerning the difference between "bloack all pop-ups" and "handle pop-us using Adblock Plus" would be extremely beneficial, because while the difference may be obvious to the author, it really leaves me scratching my head.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

This description is kind of old, since there isn't a blacklist anymore. I will have to update it. Take a look at these instructions: http://jessehakanen.net/adblockpluspopupaddon/#blocking-a-popup