Very helpful Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I really like this extension. It makes things much easier to find in a unified in box. I have many emails received from different addresses and this makes it easy to see which ones showed up from which addresses. Thanks!

I have a few questions or feedback, too (they don't really seem like bugs):
The number of color options is rather limited. And the fact that the highlight colors are limited to a small set of rather faded colors is disappointing. (Yeah, you need somewhat faded colors to make the text more readable, but they are so faded that there is almost no difference between most of them! The highlight color is very hard to see.)

Also, I have a problem with text that is non-black. When a message header is selected in the thread pane, if the text used in the coloring is non-black SOME of it gets altered to white text. (E.g. I have red text and highlighting; when I select the message some of the red text becomes WHITE text on the blue selected-message highlighting.) This white text is nearly invisible on that back ground. It only seems to happen, for me, on the FROM and RECIPIENT columns, not the SUBJECT column. I would like it if the text either stayed red or black. (As a side note, curiously some messages have black text for the FROM/RECIPIENT columns, while others sent to the same address have red text for those two columns. The subject column in both cases is the red text I have defined.)

Thanks for writing this extension!

-- JC

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.2).