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Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

After some experimentation, resolved the problem I experienced in my previous review. And as a result, upped the rating to 4/5 stars. Not 5 stars as that problem and its work-around are not obvious.

The problem is that when you first install the addon and try to use it (either before or after restarting Thunderbird 17.0.x), it does not detect POP account "Trash" folders properly.In the Duplicate Messages Deletion window that appears after detecting dups, at the bottom are the choices "Delete permanently" and "Move to...(drop down list of folder choices)". "Move to..." defaults to "Trash". But leaving that choice alone, it will not properly detect the Trash folder on the account you are detecting dups on, unfortunately. Which means dup messages get permanently deleted, even if you don't want them to be.

To avoid this problem, you first have to open the drop down list beside "Move to..." and manually select the Trash folder for the account you are detecting dups on. Then and only then will your dup messages get properly sent to Trash. In the future it will remain properly selected, so you only have to do it once. Don't know if you have to manually change it for every account you are working on, but I do so to be safe.

This is still a problem and still needs fixing, but at least there is a way around it until its fixed.

EDIT: replying to the author response below. Thanks for the response, but unfortunately you totally misunderstand what the problem is. I elaborated more in my original review linked to at the bottom of this post; might want to look at it.

The problem has _nothing_ to do with "detecting duplicates in trash". The problem is when detecting duplicates in the INBOX of a selected account, the "Move To..." selection defaults to "Trash" (of that account). And by default, it doesn't actually move your messages to there as you would expect. It instead wrongly permanently deletes them.

To work around this problem, you must manually select the "Move To..." folder (Trash or otherwise) for each account in the drop down list.

If you don't do that and instead rely on the default "Move To...Trash" location without adjusting anything manually, your mail gets permanently deleted out of the Inbox when you didn't want it to after pressing "OK". That's the problem.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3.7).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I far prefer this extension to the other (more updated) remove duplicates addon. Better features and implementation.

Unfortunately though, due to it being two years since its last update, Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate) 0.3.7 doesn't work 100% properly with the current release Thunderbird 17.0.6 (US English).

Do a scan for duplicates (including message bodies) on a large inbox of a POP mail account. Have the add-on set to show you a new window with a list of proposed message to keep & delete after a scan. Have it set to to "Trash" folder (which exists on that POP account).

Execute it and delete the checkmarked messages. Problem: they don't appear in that account's Trash folder. Not after doing the deletion and not after restarting Thunderbird. The duplicates are wrongly permanently deleted, even though you set the addon to move them to the Trash folder.

Oh well. As it looks like this add-on isn't going to be updated (but I hope it will be), users should be aware of this problem.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3.7). 

Add-on Compatibility Reporter

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

As other posters have mentioned, v2.0 of this addon puts a non-removable icon in your browser status bar. At least if you have a third-party status bar addon installed; I use "Status-4-Evar" available on this site. It may do so even if you don't have such an addon.

You can "temporarily" get rid of it by opening Toolbars/Customize and dragging the icon to that panel. But on exiting and restart of Firefox, it automatically reappears again. There is no way to change this irritating conduct I've yet found.

This behavior is totally unlike what versions prior to 2.0 did. They did not automatically force an icon on you. No other addon I've tried (and that's been many) behaves this way.

Consequently, Addon Compatibility Reporter v2.0 is uninstalled here and I've recommended locally that all users who dislike this to do the same.

Hopefully future updates will remove this annoying problem.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.1-signed.1-signed). 


Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Yes, same here with development version 1.4b1321741953 with Thunderbird 8.0 in Windows XP SP3 32-bit (that can be found in the "Development Channel" link below). Try to extract any attachment anywhere and a new page pops up listing "XML Parsing Error: undefined entity..." and nothing is extracted at any time. Its completely broken.

However, the good news is that the main release version works without issues so far here with Thunderbird 8.0. Attachment extracting to wherever works without issues and same with every other option in it I use.

But Thunderbird 9.01 has been released recently and AttachmentExtractor gets disabled if you install it. So time for another update.

Cache Status

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is deceptive, creates problems and is next to useless (totally useless for many users).

It looks good on first glance. Allows you to see in real time what megabyte levels your disk and memory cache are.

But as another reviewer below noted, *this does not actually clear your disk cache when you tell it to*. When you right click the MB numbers the add-on provides, then select "Clear Disk Cache" (or "Clear All Cache"), this doesn't just delete the cache as the Firefox built-in "Clear Now" button does. Instead, it oddly shifts your entire disk cache to a new folder called "Cache.Trash".

If you put your cache folder on a limited-space different disk drive to improve performance and save space on your system drive, this behavior both causes your disk to fill up substantially faster and potentially run out of space. For those who don't move their cache to a different disk, this poorly designed add-on instead increases your disk fragmentation needlessly, as well as uses up disk space.

As well, if the poor disk the cache is on runs out of space due to the idiocy of how this works, the add-on can't actually "clear" any cache at all. The number shown on the status bar (etc.) never actually changes and nothing is done. Due to the fact, as noted, it doesn't actually clear the cache; it instead shifts the entire cache contents to a new folder.

Finally, it fouls up the built-in Firefox 7.x cache clearing function (which actually works properly). When you go to Options, Advanced, Network, it no longer tells you "Your cache is currently using ***** of disk space". Instead, that entire line is blanked out. As well, clicking the "Clear Now" button no longer functions.

So highly recommend to find a different add-on to clear your cache and stay away from this one. At least until the author changes it to actually function as they claim it does.

(EDIT: replaced ampersands that this forum can't handle with "and")

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (