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Hey douchefaces. Osiyo.

Proud, native Southerner. Descendent of property-owning Confederates and Cherokee. [><]

I toke.

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With that being said, screw off. Have a good day, though.

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars

It's a good add-on. It does what it's supposed to do, which is allow you to read .epub files. It is a bit lacking. It ain't full of features like others mentioned: text manipulation, color changes, font families, etc. could be added.

If you want something to get the job done and don't mind the dull look, then this is fer you. It won't crap up yer browser or aggravate you (it's less likely to do that).

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

GREAT. Very good. I'm not tech person or geek, but I found what I needed. I ended up going on a Google thread about the "Google Images" nuisance, and how the new version of it sucks. So I got this Redirector addon and followed directions in one of the Google threads about that particular topic.

Sometimes, a website will change on you and you'll have to figure out how to get it to work again. I've posted more on this on the creator's website. I hope I can get some help there.

But thank you, Mr. Egilsson! This is one of the best FF addons I've ever used.

Happy 4/20 Everyone :D

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Overall, a decent little addon fer anyone who likes to browse fer a long time and listen to music at the same time. Works well with my iTunes (currently using FoxyTunes 4.2.4). Does what it is supposed to do. But I really want it to have more features that the media players have. Reduce the need to go back and forth. A song may update with the wrong track length, but corrects itself. Excellent addon though!

In addition to the overall reception, below is the suggesetion/commentary I made to FoxyTunes. This may be of some help to people who are wondering what else it can/can't do (NOT a report of bugs/issues):

"This is a great add-on, and I'm a newcomer to the Firefox scene. I have Firefox 3.6.12.

It's perfect with IE, which is already a lagging, poor browser. So any kind of "slowing down" is because IE just... well... sucks. Does everything its supposed to, no crashing.

No crashing or lagging (technical) problems.

Not including lack of features and the 2-second or so update gap, this is near perfect. Yall could include some more features that media players have. I use iTunes I'd like the option of being able to rate songs, open the equalizer, and browse folders and playlists, turn on/off shuffle, turn on/off repeat (one, all, none), etc... Not complaining, but suggestions/stuff I wouldn't mind seeing. Further reduce the need to actually go into the iTunes program to do something. Stay surfing the net.

Sometimes a song's playtime would show incorrectly. I'm not sure why. It corrects itself after a few seconds or when you open the media player (iTunes in my case).

I noticed something else: when you access the "recently played" list via FoxyTunes mini player, or use the back/forth arrows (not the seek arrows), it won't play the previous or next song, it would just show the information. You'd either have to go back to the media player and select it or use the actual FoxyTunes seek arrows. And once you do go back (or forth) to select the song, it won't change to the "Now Playing" screen, it just stays on the selected information.

I have read on sites that the main complaint they have is having to have the media player active (or atleast running). They want to bypass that--I guess what they want is to have FoxyTunes access their media files directly (like in a specific folder of the computer) rather than using iTunes, WMP, or whatever as the middle man. That would more than likely reduce the features that FoxyTunes performs. So I am NOT worried about that.

Overall, excellent add-on. Hope to see more stuff from yalls program. Thanks much!"

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.2.4).