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Find Toolbar Tweaks

Great potential, but some significant annoyances Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is a potentially great add-on with some really useful features, but there are two issues that cause real problems for me:

1. Installing this add-on makes my Find bar appear UNDER the status bar instead of on top of it (where it should be). I use the Status-4-Evar extension to get the status bar back (after Mozilla, in their infinite wisdom, chose to remove it). Having the Find bar moved to below the status bar means that the status bar constantly jumps up and down as the find bar opens and closes. This is really irritating. Disabling this extension makes the Find bar go back to where it should be (i.e. above the status bar).

2. Some kind hard-coding has been used for the hotkeys, and it breaks my custom Find bar hotkeys that I had assigned using the KeyConfig add-on. There is no reason whatsosver to forcibly break the user's choice of hotkeys and impose something else on them,

It's a shame because this add-on has some great features, but for me the side-effects are so annoying that I had to uninstall it.

Menu Filter

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Menu Editor extension doesn't work, so this Menu Filter add-on is the next best thing.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3). 

Mark Read On Reply and Reply-All

Very Nice Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very nice, but it's still not working with 'Forward' (in Thunderbird 24.2).

I'm using v2.1 of the add-on, and the 'Forward' feature was apparently added in v2, so I'm not sure why It's not working.

For me it only marks 'as read' when using Reply or Reply All.

** Update: Reply to Developer 2014-01-11**

I checked this again. It doesn't work when right-clicking on a mail message (in the Inbox for example) and then selectiung the 'Forward' menu that is below 'Reply To All'. The email remains marked as unread even after it's opened in a new window for forwarding.

However, if I use the sub-menus of next menu item down (i.e. the "Forward As" menu) then it works fine (for both 'inline' and 'attachment' options).


Ingenious and Useful! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for making this. I really like this add-on. I find it very useful for quickly reviewing folder contents without having to repeatedly click over and over again on each subsequent message.


1. I do agree with klint (the previous commenter) that it is jarring and unpleasant to have the mouse pointer icon change to an arrow when you are trying to click items in a column within the ScrollToNext 'hot spot' area. The arrow is fine when you are not selecting items, but it's not good when you're trying to click. It would be much better if the icon only changed to an arrow while you are actually *scrolling* (within a ScrollToNext 'hot spot' area). As soon as you stop scrolling then the mouse pointer should return to normal. Please consider making the mouse pointer icon behave in this way.

2. Implementing the above suggestion would mean that users will no longer have a visual indication of when they have their mouse within one of the 'hot spot' areas, so you may wish to consider adding an additional mouse pointer icon (similar in style to how the 'Link Alert' add-on does it: ). This will leave the standard mouse pointer in place all the time, but it will still give the user a visual clue when their mouse in within a ScrollToNext hot spot area (by adding a second icon to the bottom right of the the pointer). This second (arrow) icon should obviously disappear as soon as the mouse is not in a ScrollToNext area any more. If such a feature was implemented, then it should probably be optional because not everybody might want to see this extra icon when their mouse is over the ScrollToNext hot spot areas.

3. What I would REALLY like to see, however, is an option to specify the width of the hot spot areas. Currently the left-hand side hot spot overlaps a significant part of my Subject column (this might be because I have moved my attachment icon column to the far right of the window). Having the ScrollToNext hot spot overlap my Subject column is not good because it means that I have no visual clue of where the hot spot boundary is located. If I want to find the where the scroll hot spot area ends I have to wave my mouse pointer about all over the place to see where the icon changes. It would be much better if I could align the edge of the hot spot area with the edge of a column, then I would know that anywhere to the left of my Subject column is a ScrollToNext area.

By allowing the hot spot width to be user-specified (separately for left and right sides) it would allow users to choose a width that better aligns with their own particular column arrangement.

Another possibly better and easier way to implement this (instead of the user specifying hot spot widths) would be to just let the user tick various boxes to select which columns ScrollToNext should work in. This would make the hot spot area(s) immediately recognisable because they would be bounded by the edge of the chosen column(s). For example, a user might choose to select the 'Attachment icon' column and the 'Date' column (because you never need to click on the contents of either of those columns) and this would mean that ScrollToNext would only work when the mouse was within those particular column areas. Someone else might prefer to have a large central area for using the ScrollToNext function, so they would select only the 'Subject' column to use as their ScrollToNext hot spot area, and this would mean that all the other columns on either side of the Subject column would continue to behave normally.

Of the above suggestions, points number 1 and 3 are the ones that I would say are the most important.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Exactly what I was looking for

Follow Reply

Very Nice Rated 5 out of 5 stars

There are so many add-ons that all offer similar features, but this is one that's been implemented in an original, useful, and intuitive way. I got used to using it almost immediately, and I have quickly become quite dependent on it.

Version 1.0.6 works fine in TB v24.2.

It is a bit slow to respond after you've clicked, but this wasn't helped by the the fact that I mostly use it on an IMAP folders. It would obviously be faster on locally stored folder. At least the status bar gives an indication that it was searching.

This extension is now going to be one of my 'always install' extensions whenever I'm setting up Thunderbird.


Incredibly useful Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A truly excellent add-on. It works perfectly in the latest version of TB (currently v24.x)

Priority Switcher

Excellent! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works exactly as I hoped it would.

Go Parent Folder

Essential Add-on Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad that I found this add-on! It is absolutely indispensable.

It works perfectly, and it solves the major problem of not being able to locate where Firefox bookmarks are stored within the folder tree (when viewing bookmark search results). This annoyance has been driving me crazy for ages.

It's such a relief to have finally found a solution. I hated using Firefox bookmarks without having this add-on installed.

Highly recommended.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.7). MailCheck

Latest version is worse Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This extension is potentially very useful. It has a nice looking status bar icon, however it installs in the locked portion of the status bar making it problematic to move (if you want to rearrange your icons).

The toolbar that gets added looks pleasant (it has a decent design) and it is not overly cluttered, but I don't like extra toolbars so I turn it off and just use the status bar icon to check whether I have mail.

Seeing as can collect mail from various other email accounts, this extension can potentially notify you of mail in pretty much any of your email accounts.

The downsides of this extension are that the status bar icon is a bit slow to log in whenever you open Firefox, and also the mail notification updates are slow too (i.e. you don't see the 'new mail' icon until a few minutes after the email has arrived). The same slow updates also apply after you've read your emails (i.e. the email icon doesn't reset for a few minutes, so for a while it still looks as if you have new unread emails, even though you don't).

However, the biggest problem is with the changes made in the latest version of this extension. I updated the extension, and without any warning or permission it just changed the page that is displayed when you close your last tab in Firefox. This overrides any settings that you have in your browser (e.g. Tab Mix Plus) and it forces the search page on you. It also ignores all the settings from your previous mail check version, and just resets everything.

This kind of cavalier and arrogant attitude towards users really annoys me. I decide what pages to show in MY browser, NOT There isn't even any setting to disable this irritating behaviour, so you're stuck with it permanently, unless you uninstall the extension.

I ended up reinstalling a backup of my Firefox profile so that I could go back to version 2.5 of mail check (which doesn't change which pages your tabs show) and I have now blocked the mail check extension from updating so that I don't have to put up with the crappy new version over-riding my settings and forcing me to view pages that I don't want to see.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Organize Status Bar

Awseome! Works perfectly. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I used to use the Organize Status Bar extension ALL the time, but I stopped using it when Mozilla removed the status bar from Firefox.

I later discovered the Status-4-Evar extension that adds the Status Bar back to Firefox, but by that time Organize Status Bar was no longer compatible with current versions of Firefox.

Recently I installed the FEBE extension, and even though I set it to hide its status bar icon, for some reason it kept loading on startup before disappearing several seconds later (which really annoyed me).

Status-4-Evar could not deal with the FEBE icon because it was in that stupid locked area of the status bar (with the grey diagonal stripes) which can't be edited. I therefore searched to see if I could find another fix. I found a post that said if you install Organize Status Bar extension from the developer's own web site then it will still work even on new versions of Firefox. I was sceptical, but I tried it anyway, and to my surprise not only did it install and work correctly, but it was also able to give me full control over each individual icon in the locked (diagonal striped) uneditable part of the status bar. This allowed me to finally get rid of that annoying FEBE icon once and for all.

Now I remember why I loved this extension so much back in the day. It does exactly what it's meant to, giving you full individual granular control over ALL status bar icons and text (not just some of them).

A fantastic job has been done by the author of this extension.

This user has a previous review of this add-on.


Frustration Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Why do all the best extensions get abandoned while the rubbish ones (or the ones that have hundreds of similar alternatives) carry on being developed?

There is NO other extension that performs this function (all the others only do temporary renames that don't last between sessions) so I have no choice but to carry on using TabRenamizer even though it has a problem that annoyingly causes the loss of tab icons from unfocussed tabs.

If it were not for this one bug, then this extension would be absolutely perfect.

Another indispensable feature bites the dust.

Customizations for Adblock Plus

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This extension should not be necessary. Previously you could use the Menu Edit extension to individually remove AdBlock context menu entries, but now this no longer works (despite Menu Edit working fine with every other extension).

On top of that, this extension doesn't even properly do what it's meant to do. I selected the option to remove context menu entries and yet the one for Images is still there when I right click on an image.

Finally, there documentation is poor. There is no help (nor even any tooltips) explaining what the various options do.


Excellent Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm not too keen on having the selected text displayed in the context menu name, but in this instance it does make sense because the word "on" has been added to the end. It's also truncated reasonably, so it doesn't make your context menu width go too crazy.

I would have to say that SmartSearch is probably my favourite extension of its kind. It's very easy to use and has useful options (particularly the one to have no context menu when no text is selected). The engines are easy to configure (standard Firefox quick searches) and you can also group your entries by folder. It also doesn't rely on the engines listed in your search bar (so you can organize them differently to suit your specific needs).

I highly recommended this extension.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.20). 


Good, but needs some tweaks Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I was reluctant to try this extension after reading about the author hard-coding his name into the menu (a practice which I find abhorrent regardless of whether it's done by an individual developer or by a large company). Fortunately this seems to have been removed and there are now only proper menu items displayed in the context menu. (See the author's screenshots).

On the whole I like this extension. While there are other similar extensions such as Context Search that work really well, I prefer the wording of the context menu on this particular extension. "Search With" makes perfect sense and it applies regardless of where you happen to be searching. Whereas other extensions that use menu names such as "Search Web for" does not make always sense (for example when searching your own bookmarks). Also, because 'Search with' does not make the selected text part of the displayed context menu name, you don't get constantly varying width menus or truncated text displayed (like you do with other extensions such as Context Search). This problem does not occur with the 'Search with' extension because the menu item is static and it always just says "Search with". This is nice and consistent and predictable.

One thing that I don't like about 'Search With' is that it displays the context menu even when no text has been selected. This is pointless because even if you select a sub-menu item, no results can be given because no text has been selected. Instead you have to manually type in the search term (which you could have done using Firefox's search bar in the first place). I would therefore like to see the removal of the 'Search with' menu item from the context menu when no text is currently selected. Or, failing that, there should at least be an option to only display the 'Search with' menu entry when some text has been selected somewhere.

It would also be good if there were options to individually hide the Address bar, All Services and Manage Services menu entries for a cleaner looking context menu. The "I'm feeling lucky" search that gets done when using the Address bar is of limited use, so not everybody will want it visible and cluttering up their menu. Likewise, the All services is not going to be used by everybody, especially if you have a lot of engines (it would open up too much). So it would be nice to have an option to hide that particular menu item too. The Manage Services option is obviously important to most people (except those who only ever use the default engines), but Manage Services can also be accessed via the Options button for the Search With extension on Firefox's Addons page. Therefore the Manage Services entry can also be made optional (for those who don't want or need it) because there is still a means of accessing it even when the menu item is not shown.

Favicon Picker 2

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is by far the best looking and most intuitive UI for changing favicons. It doesn't add loads of stupid, ugly menu items like Bookmark Favicon Changer does.

However, installing Favicon Picker 2 seriously breaks Firefox's tab functionality (and this has been the case for quite some considerable time - it's not something that has only recently happened with the latest version of Firefox).

This is not just a case of an extension needing a simple version bump to get it to work, it has fundamental incompatibilities with recent versions of Firefox.

As long as these bugs remain unfixed then this extension is virtually useless.

Fvicon Picker 2 has really great potential, but until proper fixes come along (to sort out all the tab functionality breakages) then you would be well advised to avoid this.

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Restart Firefox

Rated 5 out of 5 stars


That ugly messed up toolbar icon has been driving me mad for months.

Finny08 has fixed this problem and there is now just a single icon in the 'Customize Toolbar' dialog.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3). 

Toolbar Buttons

YOU choose the individual buttons that you want Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It's one thing having a good extension that provides useful toolbar buttons, but the online facility to mix and match your own personal collection of buttons is amazing.

It means that you get only the features that you want without the bloat that comes with masses of functions that you'll never use.

The web site is incredibly easy to use; each button has a pop up tooltip explanation, just tick the buttons that you want and then click the "Make It" link at the bottom of the page to roll your own personalized button set.

The author has clearly gone to a lot of trouble to make this experience as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


Don't like it Rated 1 out of 5 stars

The hard-coded ctrl + alt + r keyboard shortcut clashes with another feature that I use and QuickRestart has no options that allow you to change it.

The Icon in the menu is not removable (I don't want icons in my menus). There's no option to add a quick restart button to the toolbar and there's also no option to remember which tabs were open when restarting. I know that you can set Firefox to restore sessions, but I do not want this to happen when I FIRST open Firefox, I only want my session restored when re-starting Firefox, so this needs to be provided by the restart extension and not by Firefox's built in session manager.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.4). 

Dog Ears

Needs user defined keyboard shortcuts Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This extension is potentially really useful, but the hard-coded keyboard shortcuts are really annoying and they conflict with other extensions that I am using (making DogEars totaly unusable for me).

It would be much better if the user could specify their own keyboard shortcuts.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7).