It badly needs an update. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

WOT has served us well for many years and it should be one of the top 5 add-ons ever. However, some of the recent changes are a regresssion.

*As it stands now the categories are overly weighted towards children and privacy has been buried. That is glaring.

*In some ways the new categories are an improvement as they potentially allow for more sophisticated ratings. Another improvement is with the 4 old sliders many users would lazily slide all 4 based on their feelings on a site- rather than on 4 distinct merits.

*There are multiple categories outright missing such as "useless/broken/dead" or "lack of information." *The current categories are a mess. The "Positive/Neutral" category needs a complete overhaul as the majority of it's entries such as "tracking" clearly don't belong there.

* I have written in the forums repeatedly and gotten no response so it is time for a low review. When WOT cleans up the new system I anticipate deleting this review and posting 5 stars again.


So basically this is why users can talk to each other in the forums but WOT wont respond. WOT is going to dig in it's heels and not listen. Gotcha.


Please find our answers to your concerns below:

1. The privacy rating component in earlier versions is now available as categories (Privacy risks, Spam etc.), which provide more detailed information about the type of privacy issues the site may have. You can also write a comment to share your experiences. Should the site truly have serious issues with privacy, we expect the trustworthiness rating to be low as well, which made the privacy component redundant.

2. We have tried to keep the number of categories as small as possible to make it easier for everyone to contribute. For the categories you suggested, you can choose the Other category and leave a comment to explain your reasoning.

3. The Online tracking category is neutral, as it can apply to URL shortening services, click tracking on emails, and other perfectly legitimate applications, which do not make it questionable or negative.