System of Mob Rule Rated 1 out of 5 stars

2 Star rating is only for the idea, not the implementation or value of this addon. Read why below.

Although the concept is interesting, that you have a world of people rating things, the most fundamental flaw is that we are leaving it to fanboys and haters to decide. It is hardly ever that there is an impartial person making the call and there is no comprehensive or systematic system of validation of such ratings, just whatever anyone wants to say.

So if the majority of people who took the time to rate are haters of a site, it might get a bad reputation without being a bad site, and vice versa. That's a huge fundamental flaw of this system, its mob rule mentality, not to mention that each individual's perception of what is bad or good is entirely too subjective to be valid in itself unless the person is a professional. So even if not rated from point of outright bias, it has an inherent bias of the person who is rating based on their lack of knowledge on what they are rating or what they "think" constitutes bad.

This is more of a WOP, web of popularity at the moment, so comes down to how many people like your site or don't like it, not really that its safe, or not. We all know what they say about opinions, right? Well all this addon does is collect them, nothing objective about it. So the database might as well be a sewage plant.

And a note to the developers, stop being so sloppy for god's sake, is it so hard to ask that you maintain a changelog and make it easily available like any other legitimate addon so people know what the hell you are changing in each release? There is no record of your changes, I have searched your entire site, support site, even looked in the forum and there is no concise and comprehensive version based changelog regarding changes to the addon, that's not only a bad habit but implies you are just winging it without a plan or accountability.

/EDIT: Response to the developer reply:

Star rating changed to the lowest due to the confirmation of purpose received through the developer's response.

You say your system is meritocratic, and that if you took what people actually said that it could be skewed and so you use a system to prevent that. So in effect you are admitting that you are actually manipulating and controlling what the weight of the reports are which effectively proves the allegations that you in fact assign grades based on your own opinions and not the actual will of the people or their reports. So the fact that one can "buy" your good seal of trust is quite possible if not indeed a fact. You can't have it both ways. On the one hand you claim that you are showing what people have reported and how they feel and you can't control how that affects the outcome of a good site being labeled as malicious and on the other hand you say that you don't because people can affect the outcome of it by numbers, so which is it? Do you intervene and actually decide or not? What you say about merit and what you say about controls to prevent it, are contradictory. The fact is that the popular opinion about your tool being just that a TOOL and not accurately reflecting the reputation of the site based on what people say like you claim and is indeed skewed and influenced by your own motivations and decisions, so we are expected to trust YOU to be doing the right thing and yet what you say and do are a contradiction in terms.

It is a shame that Mozilla does not take a more proactive approach to validation of your service and blindly recommends it. It is doing the people a great disservice.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20120827.1-signed). 

We are perfectly aware of the fact that people may not be objective, which is why our rating system is meritocratic. You can read more from our FAQ:

Since our reputations are not a simple average of all ratings, the number of ratings is not the significant factor. Otherwise, every single even remotely successful pyramid scheme would end up with a good reputation thanks to their numerous highly active participants (or victims).

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