Rated 1 out of 5 stars

(Update 28.02.2012: Problem's still there, even with FF 10 & updated TMN!)
Hi! I'm giving this only one star: the idea may be nice, but the developper obviously won't consider bug reports. I'm having the same bug as FFrules 3 months (!) ago: TMN seems to work only once when you start up Firefox, and then stops to work. "No new searches are shown in the status bar. The only way to wake it back up is to disable and re-enable it." I'm adding: when I'm opening the options menu by right-clicking on the TMN icon in the status bar, I can't open my search terms or see the log file. The buttons just don't react.

This way, it's really becoming a privacy issue. While I agree that Bruce Schneier expects something from TMN that it wasn't designed for, this bug now means that TMN becomes a mere privacy theatre: your searches are not just not obfuscated, with this buggy TMN your browser actually becomes an attendance recorder for your IP / browser sessions at AOL, bing, yahoo and google.

Btw., I'm using Win 7 x64, Ff 7.0.1. I'm also using my own RSS feeds, but the problem is the same with the default feeds (checked it). I searched for the log and search term files on my hard disk and checked them: they're still updated whenever I'm starting a browser session. But just one query, and finish.
Plus another problem: if you use RSS feeds that contain non-english Roman characters - like c-cedille, or German umlauts - those characters will just be deleted from search texts. Now that looks like a characteristic signature for Firefox with buggy TMN installed! It's like sending a calling card: hey, here's someone who tries to obfuscate his searches. This bug, plus the one mentioned above mean that someone with access to search engine company logs 1) knows that this IP uses TMN; and 2) at what times of the day you usually get to start your browsing sessions. Meaning, in big, big letters,


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.728.1-signed).