Interesting idea, with room for improvement Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I found this new experimental extension a few days after it was published, and I find that the ability to create MAFF files from sites saved by ScrapBook is a really interesting idea. I tried to contact the author directly on the support forum a few weeks ago, but registration there didn't work, thus I'll write a detailed review here instead.

I tried out version 1.0.2, on Windows. Under many aspects, I think there is still room for improvement. The most severe problem was that the browser stopped responding when I tried to save a page, because the archive was created in the same folder of its source files, and the extension tried to recursively compress the archive into itself, in an endless loop. I solved this by configuring the output path.

Another problem is that no overwrite warning is issued if I try to save two pages with the same name, causing the loss of the previously saved page. Actually, I think this action would be better implemented using a save dialog, but of course I say this without knowing what is the author's overall idea for this extension's user interface design.

Except for these two problems, the Creator works smoothly almost all the time.
There are only some minor compatibility issues with the MAFF format: the ZIP is
missing the "directory entries", and saving some pages (for example, pages that
have double quotes in their title) results in an invalid archive being created.

Regarding this aspect, I have a message for the author: maybe you don't know that, while the Mozilla Archive Format extension is available under the GPL only, most of its sources are licensed under the same MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license you chose for your code. It's probably more convenient to reuse the MAF code for creating the archives, rather than rewriting it and coping with the potential differences in the resulting files. I'm available if you need any help with this: you can either copy the original files to your package or use them through an API. You may also consider contributing the feature to the MAF extension itself, but this would require much more work as the MAF code base has high quality standards, and maybe it's not your intention to be bounded by another extension's release schedule.

A last note: MAF is the name of the extension, while MAFF (Mozilla Archive Format File) is the name of the file format (see also Thus the proper name for your extension should be "ScrapBook MAFF Creator" ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing the new versions of this interesting extension :-) I'll update the rating periodically if new versions are published!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.2).