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I thought this would be useful but as it doesn't open the tab as well I might as well use the default drop down box, either way it's a 2 step procedure so no time saved.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Please ensure, that extensions.rightlinks.enabled (and extensions.rightlinks.enabled.right + extensions.rightlinks.enabled.left) are "true" in about:config page. You may accidentally disable it using hotkey (F2 by default).

And, may be, extensions.rightlinks.showContextMenuTimeout (500 milliseconds by default) is too small for you, try increase it.

If Right Links still doesn't work, please provide detailed description here:
or here: https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues
And please include information from
Help – Troubleshooting Information
(will open about:support page)