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Going back to 4.2. The Perspectives blog says that in version 4.3, "The Perspectives icon will no longer always appear on the addons bar or status bar, freeing you to only place it where you want!" The problem is now the icon *never* appears in the status bar, which is where I want it. There's no option to place it there, and the icon can't be dragged to the status bar.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.3.1-signed). 

How to move the icon

Hey there,

Sorry to hear the icon isn't where you want. It should still be possible to drag it back to the status bar. Would you mind trying these steps?

1. Make sure the status or add/on bar is being displayed by checking View -> Toolbars -> Add-on Bar
2. Once the add-on bar is visible, right-click on it and click 'Customize...'. You can also select View -> Toolbars -> 'Customize...'.
3. If the Perspectives icon is currently beside the location bar, drag it to the Add-ons bar to move it. You should be able to move the Perspectives icon around as long as the 'Customize' window is still open.
4. Once the Perspectives icon is where you like, click 'Close' on the 'Customize' window.

Please give it a try and let me know if this works. Also, what version of Firefox are you running?

Dave (one of the Perspective devs)