Nice, but needs some work Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This could be one of my favorite addons. It is perhaps the only addon of its class... that insert the bookmarks into a homepage/webpage. I like the ability to customise it's css looks, to move sections/folders around, etc... BUT:

1) When deleting a RSS headline/bookmark... it comes back upon refreshing the mybookmarks page. This is my biggest criticism.
2) scrollbars could be very useful... (see for ex). Along with this notion is the idea of fixing maximum folder-section heights.
3) move individual bookmarks around, even from folder to folder.
4) when loading rss feeds on my older computer... the toolbars and whole screen turn gray while it takes maybe ten seconds to load up...
5) please provide an email link somewhere... even translating your homepage, I failed to find an email link or contact form.
6) rss previews (in a hover-popup or such) would be nice :)
7) Though I'm sure this falls outside the scope of your addon, or what you are currently interested in... I think that incorporating widgets (like weather or search engines, etc) would be a step in moving towards a truly functional HOMEPAGE. But this addon goes a long way, and again, would be much more useful if you could solve the top couple of problems. Thanks so much for writing it :)

PS - has a section called "major news" which streams rss feeds in equal sized boxes with vertical scrollbars. It also has tabs... to quickly navigate pages. And lastly it has widgets. It's also very bulky, when yours is compact, is too graphic intensive and slow... but yours is slow because it can load soo much rss feeds at once.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (