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Jeremy Morton

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Why was MonkeyFix created?

Any user of a web browser is bound to have a few little niggles and improvements that they'd like to see in the browser, but that the browser makers decide isn't desirable for the main release. I created MonkeyFix to try and patch up those niggles, not just for myself, but also for others who would like small improvements to the browser interface and behaviour. In addition, there is some nice behaviour from Firefox 3 (such as having Bookmarks and History toolbar buttons) that is still missing from SeaMonkey's browser, so I add some of that in with MonkeyFix as well.

What's next for MonkeyFix

I'm always looking to add improvements to SeaMonkey's interface and behaviour, and I have quite a long to-do list. :-) I'm always happy to receive suggestions for improvements you'd like to see to SeaMonkey as well, so if you have anything to suggest, then feel free to contact me about them. Contact details are on the MonkeyFix website at:

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Jeremy Morton
User since March 5, 2007
Number of add-ons developed 27 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 4 out of 5 stars